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Ready in 10-15 minutes Serves 2 people
80  calories/cup approximately
Ingredients for 2 cups of Chai:
    1. Organic 2% or Whole Milk 8 oz
    2. 15 grams fresh organic ginger  
    3. 3 TSP Fair trade, authentic Assam tea leaves by Boston Chai Party
    4.  1 TSP Freshly ground Chai Masala [ Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel, Cloves, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Star Anise]
    5. Raw Cane Sugar [dry ground Jaggery preferred]
    1. Start with 8 oz of water:  Take a pot that can hold at least 24 ounces of liquid and add 6 oz of the 8 oz of  fresh water and place it on the stove to boil. We use the 2 oz in the next step when we add ginger
    2. Add Ginger:  The best way is to crush the ginger in a mortar with a pestle with 2 oz of water  but you can also chop it fine or use a blender with the remaining 2 oz of fresh water to create a ginger paste. Add the crushed ginger mixed with the 2 oz of water to the boiling water pot.  
    3. Assam black Tea leaves: To calculate the quantity of tea leaves: Sum up 1 teaspoon of tea leaves for every cup or 8 Oz of anticipated final quantity of chai plus one tsp. So if the total chai (final volume) is 2 cups or 16 Oz, then you add # of cups or 2 +1=3 teaspoons of tea leaves. If you’re making 24 Oz or 3 cups you add 3+1=4 tea spoons.  The quantity of black tea calibrates the caffeine strength. More tea leaves = stronger tea.
    4. Get 8 oz of Whole or 2% milk: Add 8 oz of milk to the boiling water. At this point you should have 6 oz of water, 2oz of the water and ginger mixture and 8 oz of milk. Ideally you aim for a 50-50 volume of water and milk in the final chai volume.
    5. Chai Masala: Masala or spice, is where chai gets its flavor. Add 1 teaspoon of freshly ground Boston Chai Party chai masala for 2 cups of chai. 
    6. Sugar or Jaggery: Add Sugar, Jaggery directly to the chai in the pot or per cup at the end.
    7. Boil, Strain and Serve: Wait and watch closely for the chai in the pot to come to a boil. Turn down the heat when the chai starts to rise up. Do this twice at least [or more if you like your chai creamy and thick]. Strain the chai through a strainer and serve.

The longer you boil on low heat, the stronger and thicker / creamier your Chai will become. Tea vendors in India will sometimes cook their chai on low heat for 30 mins to an hour to get it really caramelized and creamy! Get the BCP Chai kit with instructions to make your life easier!