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For the most part, the Chai you get in major chains is not real chai. They are overly sweet, and lack personality. We want to take back control by appealing directly to you. There is a better way. Join our Chai-volution.


Vishal Thapar


Vishal has been passionate about business and ideas since he was 13. He has been making Chai since he was 12. It was only a matter of time before he combined both! He has a PhD and a post doctoral degree in Computer Science but his love for Chai finally brought him to his true calling!

Health Benefits

While it’s close to the heart, it’s good for the body too!

Black tea leaves consist of anti-oxidant properties that may help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. All-in-all, the anti-oxidants contribute to minimizing the risks of chronic disease.


Our Story

Chai is a soothing flavorful concoction of black tea leaves, masala or spices, water, milk, sweetener, and ginger. Through highs and lows, chai has always been there for us.

We started out hosting chai parties for friends, families, and small businesses. In doing that we realized there was a lack of quality ingredients paired with the right techniques. So, we sought to get people the best ingredients and show them how to make their OWN chai!


Rushil Desai


Rushil thinks he’s a pretty cool guy…he tries. Chai has been an important part of his upbringing. Growing up, no weekend breakfast was complete unless chai was present. He wants to bring to you a simple drink that has given him great memories and traditions. 


The hard work of transforming tea leaves into the tea we love is a carefully orchestrated one. The labor, hand and machine work, and love involved in the process makes us appreciate every cup that much more. We carefully source our tea from a garden that we know treats workers with dignity, respect, and fair wages.
Right from withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, to sorting, we love learning about tea-processing at the Amgoori Gardens in India.
It’s fascinating to witness the beautiful lush leaves of Camellia sinensis plants getting processed into making tea and its flavourful variants.