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Assam Black Tea Leaves, Dried & Roasted


Nothing like sipping your favorite Chai Tea while watching your favorite show on Netflix. We know what you like. Good Chai starts with great Tea leaves. Fresh, sealed at the Tea gardens in Dooars Assam. Assam is a state in the North East part of India, in the foot hills of the Himalayas.

Delivered straight to you.

Oh! Did we mention that you don’t have to reverse mortgage your house to afford this Chai?

We ensure that you get the best, natural and fair trade Black Tea Leaves from Assam, India. Yes, we travel to India and know exactly where each cup of our Chai originated!

This bottle contains 25 Grams of Black, Assam, CTC Tea Leaves.

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Good Assam Black Tea is essential to a solid cup of Chai. But, did you know that out of more than 950 Tea Gardens in India, only 19 are Fair Trade? Problems (human trafficking and slavery) exist when it comes to tea in India. It’s important to us where our Tea leaves come from and we ensure that our Tea leaves come from a good place.

You probably have black tea lying around in the back of your cabinet. Those tea bags do not represent black tea well at all. Smell some of our black tea and notice the difference!

Try some now, don’t like it, return is on us!

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Weight 5.6 g
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Large (150g), Small (40g)