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Fun with friends


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This weekend I recorded a song with a really close friend of mine (Hirak). When we were in college (Grad school) together, we used to jam a lot and there was always chai and pakodas (fried battered vegetables). We tried to recreate the same feeling this past weekend since it was raining on Sunday in New Jersey and we couldn’t really go out with kids. There was LOTS of Chai involved and this was the result. Feel free to take a listen and leave some feedback (be gentle though). The video was a warm up recording and you can hear my 10 month old start crying at the end of the song. Good thing it wasn’t the final take. I came to realize how out of practice I’ve been and so I’ve decided to record one new song a week to keep my music practice going. Let’s see how it works out! Hope you enjoy the rest of the warm days we have left as we welcome Fall to New England! (Or as we call it, the “Season for hot spiced Chai”)

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